Bachelor of Education

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A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher in schools, though in some countries additional work must be done in order for the student to be fully qualified to teach. This degree is comparable to a master's level degree

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A B.Ed. program may have direct entry from high school; as a combined degree with another bachelor's degree (e.g. B.A.Ed or B.Sc.Ed) as an after-degree program where the candidate has obtained a bachelor's degree, usually, the field in which the student wishes to teach. A good rapport or previous experience with young children or teens is also a desired characteristic of applicants.

A typical B.Ed. program may include coursework in pedagogy, educational psychology, educational policy and leadership, assessment, curriculum development and lesson planning, social justice, special education, and instructional technology,Drama and Art in Educations, Contemporary India and Education,Creating an inclusive School, Yoga,Health and Physical Education.









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Health is a state of well-being that enables a person to lead a psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is a right of all the people. Individuals, families and communities have a responsibility towards maintaining their health.

B.SC Nursing

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Nursing contributes to the health services in a vital and significant way in the health care delivery system.

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Diploma Nursing

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Nursing is based on values of caring, and aims to help individuals to attain independence in self-care.

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Teacher education refers to the policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge. .

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